Property Maintenance

Expert Lawn Care, LLC keeps your turf grass, garden beds, shrubs and colorful plantings looking lush and healthy all season long. Our knowledgeable professionals ensure that best practices are in use to create a picture-perfect setting for your home.

Landscape Design & Installation

Expert Lawn Care, LLC can do everything from simple plantings to complete landscape renovations. No landscape installation is too small or too big. From concept to completion, Expert Lawn Care, LLC will make the most of your yard and garden to enhance the year-round enjoyment of your outdoor living area.

Tree Triming & Removal

Trimming trees helps ensure safety, promote plant health and maintain beauty. But improper trimming can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to improperly heal, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most.

Other Services

We also offer Pest Control, Treatment for white flies on shrubs, palms and trees, Irrigation installation and renovation, Lot Clearing, Brush Grinding/Chipping, Emergency Tree Clean-Up & Brush Removal, Stump Removal & Stump Grinding, Dead/Hazardous Branch Removal & Mulching

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